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So, I was bored and decided to offer my services to Madame Lilith Deville for Cirque Macabre in hopes of getting some exposure.  (Good thing too, I found out after the fact that Gothic Beauty might be attending!) I am making pants for my husband (makes me feel like a good little wifey!) to wear to Cirque and now prom season has descended upon me.  One prom dress for sure (due April 28th) and one possible (due by April 21).  The possible one is much easier than the one already in progress.  I'm knocking off a Vera Wang!  All very exciting. 

There is also a patternmaking opportunity that has been presented to me for a menswear line in Atlanta.  Mulling over that one while I finish up the current projects.  To top it off, someone asked if I wanted to be in a fashion show March 2nd from a Craigslist posting.  I had to laugh.  Seriously, they offered to have all the models and makeup done...not something designers like.  Designers like control over who's wearing their clothes and how they are presented.  It was a truly bizarre offer, especially coming 2 weeks out from their show.  If I want a fashion show, I'll do a fashion show and I won't be looking for designers 2 weeks before the event.  How bizarre? 

It just feels like all of a sudden my sewing tasks have exploded into full production.  On top of that, I'm sick.  Sick like I think I have the flu sick.  Yeah.  But Madame's collar and pants are done, just gotta do the top and I'm done.  Zack's pants are almost done and Terrelle's prom dress lining is coming along nicely...Sickness will not slow me down! (Ok, so I might slack on cleaning house a bit...)


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