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On Vox: Long time no typey...

Life has been a bit complicated lately.  My job has changed from one with internet access to one without and from part time to full time.  It is quite an adjustment.  Mostly it means actually using my phone to communicate *gasp*! 

The Art & Soul of Southend was a bust.  The Charlotte Craft Mafia had a cluster of booths, none of which did particularly well.  We had really bad placement and I think turnout was low.  I am vending again at Rockabilly BBQ on June 2nd and can't wait!  Going to nix the Heavy Rebel Weekend vending as the upfront fees are just more than we can handle right now.  That really breaks my heart but its more than I've ever pulled for an event so it just doesn't make sense to take that risk right now.

My new job with the bookstore seems to be working out, they have me basically running the cafe.  I love coffee.  Speaking of coffee...a local coffee shop is going to carry my cozies on consignment and I might even go in on the weekends and barista!  Did I mention I absolutely love coffee?!  The other day I made latte art and put a heart in the top of a latte.  Almost got a leaf too a few days later.  Customers at the bookstore seem to care less about latte art they just want their drinks but the little cafe carrying my cozies thought that latte art was cool.   :D 

I am just trying to get on track here...Please bear with.  My Etsy shop is so stagnant, my Saturdays are spent working or resting my weary feet and I am trying to stay involved with the Craft Mafia as best I can at the moment. 

Zack started a new brew yesterday...Ginger Beer.  Looking forward to trying that in a month or so. 

Trying to find some vending options for July here locally but not coming up with many options. 

Just a quick update on my day off.  Hopefully I'll fall back in the routine of posting and listing items again soon.  Until then..TTFN!

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